Local Plans

Create easily accessible, interactive local plan maps quicker and more easily than ever before. View an example that’s been developed using OpusMap, hereGet in touch for more information.

Place Plans

Find out more about place planning in Wales and our web toolkit for engaging and consulting with your local community. To speak to a member of our team, get in touch.

Neighbourhood Plans

Enable your local neighbourhood to map their community and add ideas and vision for its development. For more information, get in touch.


Consultation Mapping

With OpusMap, it’s never been easier – or quicker – to incorporate clear, interactive maps into your online consultation programme. Talk to our expert team today.

Land Allocation Mapping

Save time by using OpusMap to create interactive maps that identify and display areas of land for different types of development. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Walking & Cycling Routes

Create detailed and interactive maps for routes and trails, customised for your target market. You’ll find an example of interactive cycling routes in action on the MB Wales website, and you can read about its development here.

Boost Local Tourism

Interactive maps are a great way to showcase the natural beauty and local attractions of any area. Publish your bespoke map online and attach images, videos and text to capture the attention of your audience. To discuss your project, get in touch.

Tree Preservation Orders

OpusMap is the perfect tool for aboricultural professionals to map tree preservation orders. Our easy-to-use software doesn’t require advanced tech skills and full support is available. Talk to our expert team today.

Maps for Planning Applications

Detailed, up-to-date maps are a vital element of any successful planning application. Get in touch to discuss your project.


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