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Conwy County Borough Council have launched a project called The County Conversation (Sgwrs y Sir). It is designed to give Conwy County’s residents, workers and visitors a greater say on the future of the county’s development and public services. Working with Blue Fox Technology and its OpusMap software alongside Community Voice the County Conversation includes a series of community – focused digital and forum based engagement exercises designed to bring people closer to the decision-making process on both strategic plans and planning policy.

Key Project Features

  • OpusMap’s Content Management System (CMS) for building the County Conversation website and managing and updating content and implementing Calls to Action (CTA) for public users of the site
  • OpusMap’s Local Plan and Place Plans modules for publishing task-specific content and CTA like interactive maps, social media tools and “Submit a comment”-type engagement tools
  • The CMS’ built-in GIS data uploading and data styling tools for designing and publishing customised interactive maps in support of corporate and planning requirements at both a County and a community level.
  • The OpusMap API that enables easy integration with other software, in this case, OpusConsult (software providing formal consultations with the public)
  • Its multilingual capabilities – The County Conversation is available in both English and Welsh
  • The OpusPromote toolkit for integrating social media platforms, to encourage and develop online awareness and engagement

The website enables those interested in staying informed by the council of developments and outcomes from The County Conversation to register their contact details, which are then stored securely by OpusMap for continued engagement.

The project has been promoted via a number of digital channels across social media, email and video in addition to printed marketing collateral and traditional public engagement platforms. The digital campaigns were created, published and distributed using the OpusPromote toolkit which is an optional module within the OpusMap software and service. Their purpose is to create a much broader awareness among local people of all ages by tapping into directly into the increasing numbers of people who prefer to use web and mobile technologies for communicating and engaging with their council.

The aim of the County Conversation website is to act as the focal point that gives local people the latest information and access to easy-to-use tools for sharing their opinions and ideas for the county and their community. By providing a parallel digital platform for engagement Conwy is ensuring that all generations have a voice in the future well-being of the county and the best technologies and guidance available to achieve that aim.


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