OpusMap: Not Just a One-Trick Pony!

OpusMap: Not Just a One-Trick Pony!

The majority of our customers are Local Authorities, most of them using OpusMap in support of Local Plans and planning policy. However, the more adventurous customers are taking advantage of OpusMap’s innate flexibility to allow users to design and publish any kind of custom-built map.

Walking and cycling routes are one example of this broader use of OpusMap.

A Different Way for Local Authorities to Benefit from OpusMap

The British countryside has so much to offer from breathtaking scenery and stunning views to air that will clear your lungs. However, the best routes and trails for country-seeking wanderers often go undocumented and unfound or are too poorly mapped to give people confidence in exploring further.

BUT with the help of a GPS device and a willing participant, mapping these hidden routes and trails is possible! Working with a tourist organisation to promote cycling routes around North Wales, we found a volunteer to cycle the best routes in the area, with a GPS tracking device attached to the bike – genius, we know!

These routes are now available to every cycling fan of all abilities via the Ride North Wales and Mountain Bike Wales websites both of which benefit from OpusMap integration. What’s more with OpusMap we’re able to help Local Authority customers tap into the preference of cycling and walking enthusiasts to use Ordnance Survey mapping as the backdrop for individual route maps. OpusMap customers can use either preconfigured OS raster base maps or derive ‘ house style’ maps from OS vector data.


Is ANYTHING Possible with OpusMap?

The ability to customise maps to meet audience expectations ensures that OpusMap provides flexible mapping solutions. Customers can integrate their custom-built maps with any content management system including WordPress and Drupal thanks to its API. Not only this but maps created and published with OpusMap can be designed to meet any audience requirements and integrate seamlessly with any pre-existing website or branding.

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