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3 reasons your website needs an interactive map

The OpusMap team works extensively with Local Planning Authorities who already understand the need for an interactive Web map in order to consult with the public in the most effective way or to visualise planning policy. Online interactive mapping can do this by providing an accessible and customisable resource that is easy to understand and enables engagement and conversation around the council’s proposals for a given area.

Take a look at The Abergele Place Plan website to see how Local Planning Authorities are benefiting from Web maps as part of their planning strategy.

When it comes to other public sector teams however, the potential and benefits of interactive Web maps often need to be defined.

Our message is simple: “Online maps aren’t just for the contacts page!”

Web maps are an attractive, and customisable resource that can add something unique to your website to catch the attention of your visitors.

  1. Stand out from the crowd – Don’t just fall back on Google Maps. Impress visitors to your website by greeting them with a branded map that they can interact with and perform search queries to find information at specific locations and to link to and from other content in your website.
  2. Simplify complicated data – long, bullet-pointed lists and reams of text are dull, unengaging and often only glanced at by visitors who will often leave your website without gaining the knowledge they were looking for. A responsive map that visualises data in a colourful, attractive way using custom icons and that encourages user interaction will be much more successful in engaging with visitors to your site.
  3. Always stay up to date – Any map is bound to change over time, but unlike printed maps which require redesigning and incur huge printing costs, your interactive Web map can be updated quickly and easily and is instantly available once updated.

See how others are benefiting from integrating Web maps.

The OpusMap Team worked with Visit Pembrokeshire to create an attractive, custom Web map that integrated perfectly with their website. The map uses custom pins and enables users to search for popular tourist spots, local accommodation and beaches. The map is responsive to any screen and produces incredibly fast search results.

See the Visit Pembrokeshire map here.


See more examples in our portfolio.

If you would like more information on producing a custom map for your website or app, please get in touch with our team by emailing

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