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OpusMap makes it easy to create custom designed, interactive maps that link to documents and web pages. But don’t just take our word for it! Why not try out OpusMap with your own data? If you contact us we’ll create a web domain in OpusMap with some base mapping of your area. Once that’s set-up we’ll send you a username and password so you can upload your own data to OpusMap and start making your own maps. You will also find step-by-step tutorial videos on this page that will take you through using each element of OpusMap with your data.


What you can do

  • Upload your data upon registration
  • Learn how to style the data in any way you like
  • Group your data into themes via the legend section
  • Create map layers
  • Publish your map to the web

Try us out for as long as you like

The aim of the OpusMap demo is to make our software accessible to all, so everyone can experience its ease of use and adaptability. When using the OpusMap demo site, you may see maps and data files uploaded by other users, so we advise that you give your maps and data individual titles that are personal to you, to avoid mistaking them for someone else’s!

The OpusMap demo site is cleared and refreshed at midnight each night so that data uploads don’t begin to build up. It also means you can go back to the OpusMap demo site as many times as you like to familiarise yourself with the tools available and understand its ability to easily create customised, bespoke mapping solutions for any project.

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Tutorial Videos

Once you’re signed up and logged in to OpusMap you’ll find a series of video tutorials in the ‘Help’ section of the CMS to help you make the most of your trial session.

Click here you see our YouTube site



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