Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is OpusMap?

OpusMap is hosted software for creating interactive online maps and publishing them on the web.

With OpusMap you can create and customise interactive maps from your own data. 

We host OpusMap on our servers and you access it through your favourite web browser – so it’s fast, dependable and accessible 24/7.

No installation to worry about, no user limits and no need for in-house maintenance – you just focus on your data and your maps.

2. What do you mean by ‘publishing maps on the web’?

‘Publishing on the web’ simply means sharing digital maps, data and documents online. OpusMap provides a fast, affordable and efficient way of doing this.
Our affordable subscription gives you 24/7 access to – and control of – your data around the clock. You’re always in charge of when and how you publish your interactive, customised maps and documents – and they’re always accessible to your audience.

3. Why is it easier to publish on the web with OpusMap?

OpusMap is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. We originally designed the software to help us build mapping websites for our customers, but once they realised how simple and efficient the process was, they asked if they could use it themselves!

Our customers aren’t GIS experts or webmasters. They’re planners, technicians, managers and decision-makers. They understand what their data needs to do, what it needs to look like, and what it needs to achieve.

Having a strong understanding of the technical features and functions our customers wanted – as well as the ways in which they want the public and other stakeholders to interact with their data – has kept us focused on delivering software that’s as intuitive as it is powerful. The result is a user-friendly, web-friendly system that anyone can use.

Today, we have customers who use OpusMap as a web-based alternative to a GIS solution, and others who use it as a companion to their in-house GIS. Talk to us to discuss how OpusMap can integrate with your needs.

4. How does OpusMap publish my maps and data on the web?

OpusMap includes a content management system (CMS) that links your data and documents to your web audience through a website. Simply login using your preferred web browser and upload your map data to OpusMap.

You can upload your data in a range of formats, including ESRI SHP and MapInfo TAB. Just browse your network for the relevant files and the CMS takes care of uploading.

Once your data is in the CMS you can start customising, ready to share your map online.

5. What web publishing functions does OpusMap include?

The OpusMap CMS is packed with customisable functions so you can control how your website visitors interact with your maps and data. Start by styling each map layer, creating a map legend, setting your viewing scales, customising text… you can even enable visitors to draw on your map!

You can upload your data in a range of formats, including ESRI SHP and MapInfo TAB. Just browse your network for the relevant files and the CMS takes care of uploading.

Once your data is in the CMS you can start customising, ready to share your map online.

6. What maps can I use on my website?

OpusMap supports all forms of base mapping – from Ordnance Survey mapping, such as MasterMap to mapping provided by a WMS feed. Base mapping can be published from our servers, from your servers or from an external domain.

If you don’t have any mapping we can set you up with a range of options, including OS Open Data, The People’s Map, Open Street Map, Google and Bing maps.

7. Is OpusMap safe and secure? Is my data safe?

Yes! Your data is stored in secure data centres that have protection against fire, theft, power outages and all manner of other security issues.

Any data that you or your users upload to OpusMap will be stored in a secure database, so only authorised users will be able to access it. All our web sites are served over secure HTTPS connections, so pesky hackers can’t intercept your data when you’re accessing it either.
We also back up your data regularly, so it’s safe in case you accidentally delete it!

8. What are the benefits of using OpusMap rather than a recognised GIS?

We like GIS. We use it in all our data and mapping projects. But when it comes to publishing online maps, we prefer to use technologies that have been designed specifically for the web – and in particular, open-source technologies.
As well as being more affordable than GIS, open-source technologies provide a set of components, tools and processes for our development team to build on. They’re also fully customisable, which makes your maps and data easily accessible to everyone.

OpusMap has four main benefits over GIS.

  • Quick to implement: manage and maintain your maps and data in the CMS using your web browser – no software, plug-ins, downloads or GIS training required.
  • Easy to use: you don’t have to be a GIS expert or a webmaster to use OpusMap. Its intuitive design means anyone can use it – no matter how technical or experienced. You don’t even need to change your web browser!
  • Constantly improving: using open-source technology means we’re free to develop OpusMap in ways that make your life easier. Free from the confines of proprietary development models, we can bring you the features and functions you need and want.
  • Global support: your data is accessible for you to export from OpusMap whenever – and however – you need it. We can deliver new, improved features seamlessly, and your data is always safe and secure – now and in the future.

9. How do I sign up?

You have two options to start using OpusMap:

Done for you
Pay us to design and build your interactive maps and either publish them to a dedicated OpusMap website with your branding or publish them to another website.

Take out a subscription for OpusMap as SaaS. We provide full training then you’re free to use the software to build, maintain and publish your own interactive maps and content. Our affordable subscription option covers unlimited users and projects and includes all updates – and we guarantee no hidden costs.

Call our expert team to discuss your requirements and we’ll create an OpusMap package that works for you.


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