We are living and working in difficult times. 

Blue Fox Technology is a microbusiness with 4 full time employees. We have an office in North Wales that houses our large digital plotters and various GIS (including ESRI and MapInfo), but 3 of us work from home as our primary base of operation. 

Although we specialise in selling and delivering software and solutions to help our customers work with digital maps and data, both online and on desktop, we are also a business that believes in the old adage,

People buy from people

For the foreseeable future we will not be meeting people face to face but we want to be able to continue to work as normally and productively as possible both together and with our customers. We want to keep in touch as best we can and help you to keep your projects running or help you to get them off the ground. Sometimes email or a telephone call doesn’t provide the best platform to discuss new or current projects. We will therefore be using the following web conferencing platforms for communicating with each other and with our customers:

Google Meet

Microsoft Teams

With these platforms we can meet with you over the web and: 

  • Run meetings, presentations or demonstrations
  • Schedule meetings you can access via a mobile (using the dedicated app) or via a laptop/desktop (in browser)
  • Speak face to face (with a webcam and microphone for laptop/desktop) to anyone in the meeting
  • Chat by text (if you can’t speak or see us but can hear us)
  • Share screens so you can see our software or whatever we’re working on on your behalf; you can also share your screen with us if you need to
  • Record the meeting if necessary so you or a colleague who was unable to attend can refer back to it later
  • Have some human contact during the working day!

If you’re having to work remotely and are not used to home working you may find the following 2 software helpful for continuing communication in your own organisation; both offer free options to get you started as well as scaled subscription packages.

To support ongoing and remote collaborative working and project management we use a product called Meistertask:


Meistertask helps us set goals and priorities for each project we’re working on and ensures we’re up to speed with what each of us is doing on any given project.

As a substitute to email we also use a product called 


Slack is a great substitute to email as it allows us to communicate by text in a more productive and managed way without clogging up our inboxes or losing important information that’s buried in an email. Slack can also integrate with other apps such as Google Drive so it’s a very efficient way of working and communicating progress if you’re working independently or collaboratively on documents and reports. It’s also good for just dropping a quick “Hi, how are you?” to everyone or to a specific work colleague.

If you want to talk to us about our working set-up or if you want to schedule a meeting or a demonstration please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to get the conversation started.