About Us

Straightforward software that enables you to publish bespoke interactive digital maps, with personalised documents and data.

OpusMap is digital mapping software developed from open source technologies by Blue Fox Technology Ltd, a company with 50 years experience in GIS, digital mapping and cartography.

Accessible via a subscription contract OpusMap enables you to create, maintain and publish all your custom maps, data and related documents to the Web.

This is done via OpusMap’s easy to use Content Management System (CMS), which provides features and functions to build and style your maps from your data.

Manage styles, layers, and user functionality quickly and easily in order to publish your own interactive maps online!

How OpusMap Works


OpusMap log in page

You will be given a URL, username, & password to access the OpusMap Content Management System. All you need is access to a Web browser & Internet connection.


OpusMap CMS homepage

Upload your map data directly into the OpusMap system. OpusMap accepts a number of different formats, including ESRI SHP and MapInfo TAB.


OpusMap map styles page

Use OpusMap’s range of tools & features available to customise & style your data however you like.


Finish off by linking text, documents & webpages to your map.

Easy to Use

OpusMap is an intuitive mapping platform that can be easily operated and managed by both technical and non-technical users to create personalised, custom maps.

No Installation Required

As it is a web-based mapping platform, there are no costs involved with installing and maintaining the OpusMap software and all the latest updates are completely free!

Anywhere, anytime

We don’t enforce user limits so you can work collaboratively with others using the OpusMap software to manage your custom maps in different locations at any time of day.

Fully Customisable

OpusMap enables you to style your custom map in any way you like to fit your project, website or  brand. You can also link map areas to documents, text and web pages.


*no credit card or download required.

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